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AutorTensar International Ltd

KuupäevAug 21 2017

Tensar is one of the construction companies donating time and materials to a new youth centre in Swansea being built by the BBC’s DIY SOS team for this year’s Children in Need.

This episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build will see presenter Nick Knowles and his team build a new home for the Roots Foundation Wales in just 11 days this September.

Co-founded by Chair Emma Lewis seven years ago, the Roots Foundation Wales supports young people leaving the care system, giving them skills to live independently. The charity’s home for the past two years has been a dilapidated wooden hut; the lack of space and facilities made it increasingly difficult to provide the one-on-one and group therapy sessions the young people desperately need.

In contrast, the new building will have a large youth club space, a therapy room and a kitchen for cookery classes, along with offices for the charity and three assisted living accommodation units for young people leaving care.

Tensar agreed to donate 450m2 of TriAx TX160-G geocomposite for the working platform installed over the site’s weak ground.

The TX160-G, which comprises a TriAx geogrid laminated to a non-woven geotextile, was incorporated into the platform’s granular material to create a mechanically stabilised layer that provided sufficient support to the machinery installing the piled foundations for the new building.The geotextile also stops fines from the foundation soils from contaminating the platform fill and reducing performance.

We were delighted to be approached to help with this fantastic project,” said Luc Mechelaere, Tensar Executive Vice President of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia. “It was an honour to play a small part in helping young people take the next step in their lives. We are really looking forward to seeing the finished building when the programme is shown on TV in November.